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93 'til.
i've lost a lot of sleep to dreams



You asked for it, you got it! Starting this Monday (4/14/14), Medievalpoc will be featuring Contemporary Art and Artists of color influenced by European Art History. Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Mannerist, Classical, Ancient, Fantasy, Early Modern, you name it, it’ll be here! Everything from oil on canvas to performance art.

Also featured will be topical essays exploring our ideas about anachronisms, cultural exchange and appropriation, the use of particular palettes to invoke associations with historical works, Fantasy and Fan Art, character design, RPGs, Art and Identity, and the policing of self-expression in popular culture.

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Artists featured in this post*: Yin Xin, Leo and Diane Dillon, Terrance Houle, charcoalfeather, Toyin Odutola, Kehinde Wiley, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, hauntedmomsanon, Ikenaga Yasenuri, and S. Ross Browne.

*If you see your art here and would like it removed for any reason, message me and I will remove it ASAP.

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there’s this resistance to honestly expressing myself, i’m constantly surrounded by people who don’t know how to handle the truth and are afraid of it each time it’s in their face. idek if i want to be honest with certain people anymore. do you really want to know what i feel or do you just want an excuse to speak? 

Omg this is so perfect

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"   Is he cute…or does he just have a beard?   "
These are questions we need to start asking ourselves (via jeniphyer)

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Kid Cudi starring in Goodbye World (Stills)

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